HackEbola (with Data!)

Ebola Hackathon Summary

This event is complete.  You can check out team projects on our ChallengePost site, as well as our summary document.   Interested in running your own data hackathon?  Here are some useful notes.

Statistics without Borders and other humanitarian organizations have been working tirelessly to collect, consolidate, and transform data relating to the West Africa Ebola epidemic into actionable policy.  One area in which assistance is needed is in mining the large amounts of information being collected about the region to determine what aspects are most relevant for understanding the spread of the epidemic.

HackEbola (with Data!) is a data hackathon to address this important need.

Specifically, participants will start with sub-national time-series of Ebola cases as well as a large amount of structured information about various regions.  The goal is not only to be able to predict cases, but to also determine what factors are important for good prediction (and ideally actionable!).

Top teams will have the opportunity to present their work to crisis experts who are actively working on efforts to contain this epidemic.

You can have a team in mind or form one at the event.  Everyone is welcome, so feel free to invite your friends!


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