TEM diffraction analysis program

In doing with TEM diffraction pattern, a critical work is to measure the corresponding d spacing of each diffraction spot. That usually require a lot of tedious ruler work. Therefore I wrote this matlab program for making this procedure easier. It works best with the cross section samples with a single crystal substrates and thin film on top. For other samples, it should also work but with a compromised precision. But the d spacing of TEM is know for less accurate in terms of d spacing compared with XRD. Thus such in accuracy sometimes is still acceptable. 


Hope this program can make your work easier. And again, please let me know if there is anything you think I can improve. I have attached the program as well as the user manual in this page. Thank you very much.

tdap_user_manual.pdf1.94 MB
tdap-2014-05-02.zip10.85 MB
161114_tdap_v3_with_angle_function.zip1.31 MB