Career Services

Career Counseling

The Bridge Program provides career counseling services to Bridge students and eligible clients. One-on-one sessions focus on educational opportunities, professional development or any aspect of a job transition.

Counselors assist participants in choosing Bridge classes and/or specialized training, certificate or college programs in their chosen area. Students can also receive guidance with the job search process through resume and cover letter consultation, interview practice and online job searches.

Assessments may be used to identify the right career path. Students may be able to explore their options with volunteering, job shadows or a Harvard internship.

Internships and job shadows are unpaid, and must be completed outside of the students’ work hours. Eligible employees interested in job shadows or internships should first set up an appointment with a Bridge Program career counselor.

If you would like to meet with a career counselor, please contact us. 

Professional internships

Professional internships are available for qualified Bridge participants who have good communication and computer skills and have demonstrated an excellent work ethic at their present jobs. Interns have been successfully placed in schools, administrative departments and research institutions at Harvard.

Internship candidates must demonstrate the skills necessary to be successful in an internship. For example, an internship may require proficiency in spoken or written English and/or computer skills. Internship candidates must also demonstrate reliability and professionalism with excellent attendance and participation in Bridge classes, being punctual for all appointments and responding to phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

Over the course of 16 weeks, interns spend two hours, twice a week at their internship site, to build competencies in skills they are not able to apply in their current jobs. The professional work that interns perform familiarizes them with Harvard systems, and with more general office or department processes. Interns are given specific projects to gain the tangible experience needed to move into professional careers.

Professional Internships are designed for Bridge participants who have already chosen a field of interest and who want to gain skills in that field.

Career exploration

This class is for students who wish to integrate their personal and career goals through self-assessment and are ready to explore career options inside and outside Harvard.

After a comprehensive battery of career assessments, students will develop a resume, learn to format a cover letter and to search and apply for jobs online. Mock interviews will be conducted and analyzed in class. Instruction will focus on strategic responses and appropriate follow-up. Basic computer skills are required.

Job shadows

Job Shadow experiences are for students exploring career options and who want to learn more about a certain type of job or work environment, such as IT, finance or office administration. A job shadow is a one-day, two-hour experience.

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