Harvard College Everywhere Prompts

January - June, 2021

Harvard College Everywhere invites College students to respond to monthly prompts about their lives off-campus with drawings, photographs, poems, crossword puzzles, or whatever mode of expression you like.

Prompt Five in Off-Campus Chronicles is: what you will most miss when you return to campus

Be creative. Your response will be shared with the Harvard community in the monthly Prompts Gallery. At the end of the semester, all responses will be archived with the Harvard University Archives.

Submit online or share your response on Instagram with hashtags #hceoffcampus and #harvardcollegeeverywhere. Each month, up to ten submissions will be randomly selected for a $50 gift certificate to the Harvard COOP.

We're looking forward to your responses. If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties submitting please contact us.

By posting or submitting materials to "Off-Campus Chronicles" you are giving permission for your work to be shared on other Harvard platforms and to be saved and shared by the Harvard University Archives as part of their permanent collection of materials related to Covid-19, and be made available to the public for research purposes.

Harvard College Everywhere is a program designed to create opportunities for students to stay engaged and connected with the Harvard College community from anywhere in the world.