Vision and Objective


Harvard Visual China is dedicated to the study and promotion of Chinese art. We are interested in all kinds of visual materials, including but not limited to painting, calligraphy, architecture, photography, film, design, and theater. By overcoming the boundaries of medium and time, we hope to pursue the “ideas” encoded in these visual forms --- the spirit and essence of Chinese culture.

Our mission is two-fold: to study and to promote (education) Chinese art. We aim to provide a platform for students and scholars from all around the world to engage in academic discussion of both traditional themes and contemporary developments in Chinese visual culture. Planned activities include a series of lectures by invited scholars and artists, topic-oriented workshops where students of art history (theory) and design (practice) can interact and work together, field trips, student exchange programs, annual symposiums/conferences, etc. We also hope to share the fruit of these activities with anyone who is interested in Chinese art. Currently we are working on an online platform where videos of our activities and theme-based interviews of scholars are posted and made available to everyone, which we hope to eventually integrate with a smartphone application, bringing Chinese art to the fingertip.

With the arrival of digital age, accessing visual materials has become easier than ever. This means that “image” is no longer reserved for art historians, but an open source of information for scholars of all humanities disciplines. Harvard Visual China hopes to help more students and scholars from different fields to engage in the interdisciplinary study of Chinese art, so that we could collectively unpack the “ideas” stored inside them and achieve a better understanding of Chinese art and culture.

哈佛视觉中国是隶属于哈佛大学艺术与科学研究生院的一个组织。我们的兴趣不限媒介,涵盖了绘画、书法、建筑、摄影、电影、设计、戏剧等诸多艺术形式。通过跨越媒介与时间的界限,我们希望探寻这些视觉形式背后所共通的观念 — 中国文化的精神核心。




Contact: harvardvisualchina@gmail.com

Official Website: www.harvardvisualchina.com