Whose Europe? Gender and Minorities in European Culture


Friday, October 26, 2012, 2:15pm to 6:00pm

"Whose Europe? Gender and Minorities in European Culture"

  • Susan Lanser (Brandeis):  Novel Rites and Women's Rights in the Age of Revolution
  • Vivian Liska (Antwerp):  The "New Woman" as Stranger and European in Annette Kolb's Novel Das Exemplar
  • Steven Ascheim (Jerusalem): Europe, Zionism and the Jews
  • Roxaqna Verona (Dartmouth): For a Chapter in a New European Literary History:  When the Francophone meets the Oriental
  • Odile Cazenave (Boston University): "Afropean" Women Writers and Europe: Reconfiguring the Diasporic Imaginary
  • Thomas Nolden (Wellesley): Towards a Theory of European Literature
Cabot Room

Center for European Studies

Seminar on Gender, Politics and Society co-sponsored by Seminar on French Politics, Culture, and Society, the Harvard Colloquium for Intellectual History, and the Southeastern Study Group