Julian Bourg

Julian Bourg

Associate Professor of History
Boston College
Julian Bourg Photo

Julian Bourg is associate professor of history at Boston College. He teaches European intellectual history. He is the translator of Claude Lefort’s Complications: Communism and the Dilemmas of Democracy (2007). Bourg serves on the editorial board of Modern Intellectual History and as co-chair for the Harvard Colloquium for Intellectual History at Harvard's Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES).

Bourg is a Visiting Scholar at CES for the 2018-2019 academic year. During his stay at CES, Bourg will trace the history of the idea of terrorism from the French Revolution to the 1970s. From Europe to the rest of the world, this idea was shaped by the experience of revolution, war, and empire. He will investigate how this idea embodied the paradox of using violence in the name of “the people” to create a world beyond violence.

Bourg’s book From Revolution to Ethics: May 1968 and Contemporary French Thought examined the revival of the theme of ethics among French intellectuals during the 1970s. It won the 2008 Morris D. Forkosch Book Prize from the Journal of the History of Ideas.