Residents in the combined medicine-dermatology track will train for 5 years, 30 months in each specialty, beginning with a preliminary year in medicine, followed by a PGY-2 year in Dermatology, then a combined track for the remaining three years with exposure alternating roughly every 2 months between dermatology and medicine experiences.

Internal Medicine training will include rotations at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital focused on inpatient and outpatient training in general medical and subspecialty practices. In addition, residents will participate in a longitudinal primary care practice experience.

Dermatology training includes rotations through the Dermatology Services of the Brigham & Women's Hospital (including Dana Farber Cancer Institute), Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children's Hospital, Lahey Clinic, and Boston Veteran's Affairs Hospitals.  Training is provided in various aspects of medical dermatology, procedural dermatology and dermatopathology.

Med Derm Schedule


Internal Medicine

During the 30 months of training in internal medicine, each resident will have experiences in inpatient medicine, emergency medicine, medical intensive care, ambulatory medicine, and subspecialty care.  Residents participate in a weekly continuity clinic, and are encouraged to follow their continuity clinic patients when admitted to the hospital.  In year PGY-5, the ambulatory experience will consist of med-derm fusion experiences (see below).  To learn more about the BWH Internal Medicine Residency Program, please visit this link.


Similar to Advanced Dermatology residents, our Med-Derm residents will have rotations in general dermatology, advanced dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatopathology, and dermatologic surgery.  They will also complete Teach blocks, as well as clinical experiences at Lahey Clinic and Boston VA Hospitals.   Residents will be provided two months of elective time.  Please see descriptions of dermatology rotations here.  

Continuity Clinics

Continuity clinic (CC) allows residents to develop the skills of longitudinal care for a personal panel of patients.  PGY-1 of the program will include a weekly medicine CC.  From PGY-2 to PGY-5, residents will participate in a weekly dermatology CC in addition to their weekly medicine continuity clinic.  Residents have the option of continuing with a weekly medicine continuity clinic or switching to two dermatology continuity clinics midway through PGY-3.  In at least one dermatology CC, med-derm residents will be assigned a dermatology preceptor who manages complex med derm cases.

Med-Derm Fusion Blocks

The Med-Derm Fusion block provides dedicated time for Med-Derm senior residents to explore and gain expertise in their areas of interest within complex medical dermatology.  Residents are permitted to choose either medicine or dermatology subspecialty clinics during this time.  Prior residents have chosen templates that allow rheumatology-dermatology, infectious disease-dermatology, oncology-dermatology or inpatient consultative dermatology focused experiences.   Residents will complete two one-month blocks, one each during dermatology and medicine training.  


When on internal medicine rotations, residents attend morning report, medical grand rounds, and mortality and morbidity conferences.

When on dermatology rotations, residents will participate in the dermatology didactic curriculum and Grand Rounds.  


BWH Medicine pathways are available to Med-Derm residents upon discussion with program leadership.  

All Dermatology opportunities are available to Med-Derm residents when on dermatology rotations.