Financial Information

Residents-in-Training are eligible for:

MGB Programs

  • Guaranteed Resident Stipend.

Effective in AY22-23, residents receive a guaranteed annual stipend of $3500 before taxes. This stipend is intended to assist residents in meeting the various challenges faced during training.

  • Stipend for economically disadvantaged residents.  

Eligibility criteria are detailed here. If you are eligible, please submit these two required components as soon as possible, and no later than April 19th documentation of your participation in FAP, LDS or Pell (according to the instructions included in the link above), and the attestation form available here.   

 We intend to distribute stipends in May to help with transition-to-residency expenses. We understand that the eligibility criteria are far from ideal and continue to grapple with that; however please understand that we cannot make exceptions to the eligibility criteria.

  • Lease Guaranty Program.  Many (though not all) landlords in Boston will be willing to waive the security deposit and last month’s advance rent based on their participation in this program. Details are available here. Landlords who are not already participating can choose to do so after hearing about it, so feel free to ask them.

  • Harvard University Employees Credit Union Resident & Fellow Loan Program.  We understand that transitioning to residency can involve financial challenges, such as moving to Boston in advance of having a salary. Mass General Brigham has partnered with the Harvard University Employees Credit Union to make a loan program available to its matched and current residents and fellows, with favorable rates and flexible repayment terms. The Credit Union also offers financial education resources, including materials on their website and individual financial counseling for members (with membership based on opening a savings account with $5--not linked to obtaining a loan). Click here for more information.

Dermatology Programs

  • Education Funds. The Harvard Dermatology Education budget provides each resident with financial support to purchase textbooks, dermlites, and digital cameras, and helps to defray the costs of other educational expenses including travel. 
  • ​​Thomas B. Fitzpatrick Education Fund.  The TBF Fund provides residents financial support for an away career development or research elective during the course of residency.

Please use the links below to find information on MGB Salaries and benefits: