Research Track

Our program is proud to offer the option of a special research track for residents in our Advanced Dermatology residency program. This track combines 2 years of full-time clinical training with two years of basic and/or clinical research in order to prepare for a career as a physician scientist. Research track residents will still graduate at the end of PGY-4 year and be eligible to sit for boards, with the second year of support continuing for their first year post-residency. The research experience may take place within our own departments of dermatology or in other departments at Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, MIT, or affiliated institutions. An NIH T32 Training Grant provides supplemental funding to support the research activities of residents who enter our special research track.

Research Training Track Schedule



  • No commitment to the research track is required before matriculation into the program.


  • Resident declares interest in entering special research track by January.
  • Resident begins exploring laboratory opportunities identifying candidate labs and principal investigators best suited for their research years.


  • Clinical rotations are modified to ensure fulfillment of all residency related requirements.
  • Resident continues to explore laboratory opportunities and by February formally identifies a lab and principal investigator for their research years.
  • Resident makes final commitment to special research track and completes T32 grant application.


  • Resident enters the laboratory, and spends 75% of their time on research.
  • Resident continues with one continuity clinic per week and an additional 24 clinics over the year to supplement their clinical training.
  • Resident graduates with their original class.

2nd research year:

  • Resident is now a junior faculty member at a Harvard affiliated institution.
  • Research continues under support of NIH T32 grant. Extension of grant or time in the lab beyond this year is at the discretion of the trainee and principal investigator.
  • Graduates typically maintain 1-2 half days of attending dermatology clinic per week at the same or other institution while completing their research.


Recent graduates of our special track program:

2021: Nicholas Theodosakis, MD, PhD
2020: Christina Weng, MD
2018: Chao Yang, MD
2017: Allen Ho, MD, PhD
2016: Adam Raff, MD, PhD
2015: Sherrie Divito, MD, PhD
2014: Esther Freeman, MD, PhD and Lilit Garibyan, MD, PhD