The Association of Harvard Latinx Faculty and Staff is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and advancing the needs and goals of the Latinx community at Harvard University. Membership is free of charge and open to all faculty, administrators, fellows, and staff at all levels employed by Harvard University and its affiliates who support the mission of AHLFS. Please join us today!


  • Assist Harvard in the increased recruitment, retention, and promotion of Latinx faculty and staff.
  • Develop a nurturing and empowering community for Harvard’s Latinx faculty and staff through professional development and social networking activities.
  • Maintain an inclusive, supportive and dynamic system that addresses the needs of Latinx faculty and staff.
  • Increase the visibility of the work and accomplishments of Harvard’s Latinx's in the larger Harvard and Metro Boston community.
  • Establish partnerships with campus Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), programs, departments, faculty & administrators at all levels that support AHLFS mission to enhance access to Harvard resources.

4 pillars to our programming

Prepared joint statement by the Harvard University Employee Resource Group Council in regards to the recent events that have occurred in our nation- 06/09/2020

We, the Employee Resource Group Council, stand in solidarity and support of the Black and Brown communities today, and every day. We cannot be true to the values of Harvard's mission and commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment, without also caring for Black lives. We cannot represent women, without standing up for Black women. We cannot talk about queer identities, without standing up for Black queer lives.  The recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and more members of the Black community are vicious reminders that as a nation we are still stuck in the mires of deep and historical structures of racism. Their lives, and the lives of all Black people taken by violence, mattered.


As representatives of faculty, staff, and student populations the Employee Resource Groups cannot function without acknowledging how our Black colleagues are hurting and grieving and our complicity in the systems that perpetuate injustice. Our Allyship with the Black community is not just symbolic, not only with our words. It is a moral imperative, and we reaffirm our commitment to actively address ways to dismantle systems of oppression.


Employee Resource Groups were founded on the belief that community action has the power to change the status quo for all historically underrepresented groups. We will continue to partner with members of the university to develop infrastructure that will mitigate biases and bring systemic change.


All of us together stand for this promise.



Employee Resource Group Council Members (listed below)

  • Chair: Michelle Gordon-Seemore
  • Operations: Kaycee Alexander, Roberto Martinez

The Association of Black Faculty, Administrators, and Fellows (ABFAF)

  • Andrea Kelton-Harris
  • Naomie Dorilas
  • Pamela Mason

Harvard Association of Asian and Asian American Faculty and Staff (AHAAAFS)

  • Kimberly Truong
  • Varsha Ghosh

The Association of Harvard Latinx Faculty and Staff (AHLFS)

  • Jacobo Negron
  • Dominique Bocanegra

The Association of LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff (QERG)

  • Sheehan Scarborough
  • Sonia David

Committee on the Concerns of Women (CCW)

  • Surabhi Chatterjee
  • Colleen Silva-Hayden