HMS advocacy groups


HMS advocacy groups (Posted 4/4/2017)

Citizen Physicians
Andreas Mitchell

Citizen Physicians is a start-up organization with a non-partisan, non-issue-based mission to train future healthcare providers in effective civic engagement.

Our goals are to: Be the Rock the Vote of the medical community, increasing voter registration, engagement with locally elected officials, and voter turnout. Build the movement for physician involvement in policies that impact how we practice. Teach future healthcare providers how to engage effectively as individual citizens in the political arena.

Next event: TBD

Native American Health Organization
Erica Kiemele

NAHO hopes to establish a foundation for unity among students interested in Native American health issues and culture. Through a variety of special programs, NAHO seeks to improve the health status of indigenous peoples of North America by encouraging and recruiting indigenous students into medicine and increasing the awareness of indigenous health issues and heritage to non-natives

Next event: 22nd Annual Harvard Powwow at Harvard Quadrangle April 29th 2017


Physicians for Policy Action
Regina LaRocque, MD MPH

Physicians for Policy Action honors the special trust placed in physicians and other healthcare providers  by advocating for local, regional and national policies that promote health and science, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations. We are led by four physicians from Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Protect Our Patients
Sidra Bonner (HSPH), Bryn Falahee (HMS)

#ProtectOurPatients is a grassroots campaign of over 5,000 future health care professionals who are standing with our patients. We engage in local and national legislative advocacy to remind Congress that healthcare coverage is a matter of life and death and to demand that our representatives put patients over politics. We work with students to promote local and national engagement on the issue of healthcare reform. The goal of #ProtectOurPatients is to bring students together to collaborate on civic engagement activities and patient advocacy initiatives around health policy issues. Right now, one of our main priorities is to engage with students and organizations based in the South, Southwest and Midwest regions. We are endorsed by many national organizations, including: Doctors for America (DFA), AMSA, SNMA, LMSA, SNaHP

Next event: In the planning process post-AHCA/ACA work

Please check out the following for updates:
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Instagram: @ProtectOurPatients | Twitter: @ProtectOurPts | G+:

Right Care Boston
Stephanie Aines

Right Care Boston is a group of Boston-area health care professionals and patient advocates supported by the Lown Institute’s Right Care Alliance.  Members of Right Care Boston believe that the way to repair our broken health care system is to engage the general public in a large scale, broad-based, grassroots effort to take control of health care and make it do what it’s supposed to do – serve the public good. We organize campaigns around fighting overuse and underuse of the health care system.


Next event:

Open Meeting on Monday, April 24 from 6:30-8:30. Meeting will be at the Lown Institute, at 21 Longwood Ave in Brookline, MA. We're a 5 minute walk from the Coolidge Corner stop, and parking is available.

Clarissa Scholes Rhines

We are members of the scientific community working to increase our participation in civic life. We are brought together by our shared values: respect for a diversity of viewpoints, supporting our ideas with evidence, and the importance of rational public discourse. We meet every Wednesday from 6-7:30PM in Warren Alpert 563- join us!

Next event: We're hosting Resistance School (  
First session: Wed, 4/5, 7PM Warren Alpert 563

Wampanoag Tribe: Oral Health Relief Effort
Chloe Wong

The HSDM team and Wampanoag tribe work together to improve access to care and develop a sustainable, comprehensive, and family-centered oral health care system for the native population. Students and faculty participate in Wampanoag pow-wows and tribal meetings to learn about the community and culture, as well as assessing the range of oral health needs through screenings.

Next event: April 8, 2017- Clinic and Health Fair