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Links for Town Hall 4/26

1. Submit small group notes

2. Read descriptions of standard leadership roles across all working groups

Guidance for small group facilitators
There are four things to do as a facilitator:
1.     Assign a note taker, preferably with a computer, so they can submit notes
2.     Guide your group with the questions suggested below. 
3.     Keep an eye on time to make sure everyone gets to participate.
4.     Decide on someone who can summarize your conversation to the big group (can be you!)
The central question to address is: 
What change should our group strive to create?
The related guiding questions are:
1. Why are you concerned about this topic? Why are you motivated to address it?
2. Are there specific policies we should fight for (or against) within this topic?
3. What concrete skills and resources (be creative) do you have as an individual that can contribute to future campaigns?
4. What power do we have as a community of services providers, researchers, and generally concerned citizens?