SUR40 Takes Part in Radcliffe "Take Note" Conference

The SUR40 was presented at two site visits last Thursday to participants of Radcliffe Institute's "Take Note" conference. Chris Erdmann and Susan Berstler demonstrated three applications on the table, Library Explorer (image based), IntuiFace Lab's IntuiFace Presentation (digital exhibition) and Dave Brown's NUIverse (space exploration). Of special interest to the audience were images from the conference's new virtual exhibition which were loaded into Library Explorer software. This content included pages from Houghton Library's William James's Diary and Sketchbook, shown in the picture above. The presentations included a short overview of the Harvard Library UX Project, a technical overview of the table with its PixelSense technology, demonstrations of each software application and an opportunity for participants to have some "hands on" time with the SUR40. Discussions ranged from the philosophical --  what role do digital versions of items in the Harvard Library collections play in comparison to paper originals to issues of greater access -- how can more items be made available on the tables and can this new technology be made available in more libraries?