Last minute BOAF @ CIL 2012 in DC

On Thursday in the Jefferson West Room at 5:15, I will be discussing the Harvard Library UX Project (formerly Wolbach UX) with anyone interested in UX and interactive technology. To learn more, read about the project on this site. Leave comments below or tweet #cilsur. See you soon.

First Installation of Library Explorer

Today, we installed Library Explorer on the SUR40. Thanks to the Brown Graphics Group, the software is starting to come together. There are still some minor modifications to make but the final version should be ready within the week. A first glimpse of the software is shown below.

Also this week, we will be testing whether or not we will be able to use Morae usability testing software to track user gestures while they are using Library Explorer. At first glance, it seems as if we might need to use the Surface Shell instead. Another hurdle for us is to calibrate the tables as all… Read more about First Installation of Library Explorer

SUR40 arrives @ the Harvard Library

We just received 3 Surface tables at the Wolbach Library. The other 2 tables will be delivered to Widener next week, then on to Cabot and Lamont Libraries. After some initial delivery confusion, unpacking and partial setup, one Surface is now running with only Bing. In the user manual, there are many more apps displayed. We got the Bing only version apparently. For now though, it works and it looks amazing!

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Harvard Library Lab Video

Originally, Wolbach UX started out as a gesture and touch-based technology adapted for use at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) John G. Wolbach Library. The Wolbach UX project has now grown into a bigger project called Harvard Library UX which now includes 3 other libraries at Harvard. In the spring we intend to introduce the SUR40 and new software created for the project to the student community and conduct a usability test.
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