Past Events

  • 2018 May 03

    Practice Makes: Imperfect

    6:00pm to 8:00pm


    Intrepid Café, 150 First Street, Cambridge, MA 02141

    Oftentimes the best ideas come from total accidents, determined iterations and throwing a test into the world for feedback. Learn how to own failure, without fear and turn it into a strategically useful tactic in your creative process arsenal. Designers and Developers will explore how to transform imperfect moments into magic moments on our projects and day-to-day interactions. 

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  • 2018 Apr 25

    Whoa! Did You See That? Collaborative Data Collection & Analysis for UX Research - Ladies That UX Boston

    6:00pm to 8:00pm


    ezCater 101 Arch Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA

    Observing a user research interview or a usability test is like witnessing an accident; everyone sees it go down differently. One of the most important steps in research, and yet often skipped by a lot of firms, is conducting a thorough debrief with the observers after the study is complete. Research should not be performed while working in a vacuum. The data and feedback collected from end users are not complete without understanding the observers’ perspectives, which oftentimes is different from the moderator's. The process for running an observer debrief involves getting all the observers to attend a meeting where we review the notes for each test and document the observations and perceived implications. In this session, you will learn various methods for note-taking and running an observer debrief meeting. You will walk away better prepared to get the most out of your research!

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  • 2018 Apr 25

    User Research with People with Disabilities

    12:00pm to 1:00pm


    Online webinar

    How do you move from technical accessibility compliance to creating engaging, effective digital experiences for people with disabilities? One very successful way is to involve people with disabilities in User Experience (UX) activities throughout the lifecycle of a design and development project. But there can be challenges, from recruitment of participants to designing appropriately inclusive research activities.

    This webinar will make the case for involving people with disabilities in UX research and development activities, and the value this effort brings, and will provide you with some practical advice on how to involve people with disabilities in your UX work.

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  • 2018 Apr 24

    "Meet the Candidates" Conference Call: UXPA Boston Board of Directors

    6:30pm to 8:00pm


    WebEx conference call

    During this online conference call, the candidates will introduce themselves, tell us about their relevant experience, and explain why they are interested in running for the UXPA Boston Board of Directors. This will be a moderated session, run by Dharmesh Mistry, a former director on the UXPA Boston Board. Besides the questions that our moderator will ask, we will also field questions from our UXPA Boston members who are joining this online conference call. The election itself will be held at the annual UXPA Boston Conference on May 10.

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  • 2018 Apr 19

    Boston Design Thinking Meetup: The Opioid Crisis 2.0

    6:00pm to 8:30pm


    Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts, 101 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

    Last month there was a lot of excitement in tackling the opioid crisis using human centered design. We want to continue that conversation but with a different twist.

    We'll provide groups with briefs to get started and then you'll have time to ideate, prototype, test and iterate on your prototype before a big, group share out!

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  • 2018 Apr 19

    UXSYM: User Experience Innovation Symposium

    9:00am to 6:00pm


    Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609

    UXSYM is a conference hosted by the User Experience and Decision Making Laboratory at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This one day event features speakers and workshop sessions that focus on innovating with user experience.

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  • 2018 Apr 17

    Design & AI Meetup: Known Unknowns: Designing uncertainty into AI-powered systems

    7:00pm to 8:30pm


    WeWork, 51 Melcher St., Boston, MA

    We move beyond histograms and scatter plots to view “uncertainty” as a core design feature. “Uncertainty” when incorporated properly into product design, drives user engagement and leads users to discover actionable insights.

    Machine learning algorithms offer us more accurate predictions than ever before. However, no AI is perfect and we discuss how we integrate our confidence measures into UX/UI design choices. We will share our results from tests of our new Astrocyte Breakpoint product.

    We will ground this discussion by comparing these results with recent findings in the fields of Behavioral Economics, Game Theory (via an AlphaGo Zero example), and Weather Forecasting (using Hurricane Maria).

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  • 2018 Apr 11

    If they call it AI, they’re lying

    6:30pm to 8:30pm


    Fidelity Investments, Seaport World Trade Center, 200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210

    Don’t believe the hype; there is no one thing called Artificial Intelligence, and no one product that is going to magically transform your customer’s experience across mobile, web, assistant, and call center channels. 

    In reality, AI is largely a collection of technologies and capabilities centered around big bodies of data, math to crunch the numbers, and smarter touchpoints across a user journey. Used correctly, AI delights customers with frictionless, individualized experiences. But these are powerful and delicate tools, and they do quite a bit of damage to both brands and customer relationships when used incorrectly.

    In this talk, we will separate fact from fiction, and explore how designers, product managers, and strategists can incorporate AI into their digital platforms. Using insights gathered from customer research, and lessons learned working with established vendors and small startups, attendees will learn about valuable tools, critical dependencies, and best practices when developing intelligent digital experiences.

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  • 2018 Apr 07

    Interventions: A Student-Led Design Conference

    8:30am to 6:00pm


    Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 02115

    Interventions: A Student-Led Design Conference is a space for creatives to consider the consequences of design interventions and examine the intentions of their work. In its inaugural year, Interventions is the first of its kind: an entirely student run conference at Northeastern University!

    In a society where design is used as a powerful tool for change, we’ll be examining what role design plays in dividing or connecting us, measuring the impact of design, and exploring the societal responsibilities of designers. Interventions is hosted by Scout and will be held at Northeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Center during Boston Design Week this April 7, 2018.

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  • 2018 Apr 02

    Open Project Night - Action Design Boston

    6:00pm to 8:00pm


    CIC Boston 's 18th Floor Kitchen on Milk Street, Boston

    Open project nights are monthly meetings the held first Monday of the month. They're a chance for you to discuss, network, trade skills, and get involved with projects that change Boston for the better. This is an opportunity for members to meet other locals practitioners and those interested in what Action Design covers in a more casual setting. We'll also have working groups for ongoing projects. People are encouraged to bring and share snacks too if interested.

    If you're looking for feedback or have a project that you're interested in sharing with the group, let us know before the night of the event. Open Project nights are a collaboration between Action Design and CIC Boston.

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