Past Events

  • 2017 Nov 13

    UXPA Boston's UX Fair 2017

    1:00pm to 6:00pm


    Microsoft NERD Center, 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

    Welcome to the fourth annual UX Fair, an afternoon jam-packed with UX goodness. This event is for students, career changers, and UX professionals new to the field who want to network with others. We will have thought leaders on hand to provide mentoring and career guidance throughout the afternoon. Stop by for a chance to hobnob with UX unicorns and other celebrities. 

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  • 2017 Nov 13

    UI22 - Lead Your Organization Into The Age of Experience

    Mon - Wed, Nov 13 to Nov 15, 8:00am - 5:00pm


    Seaport Hotel · Boston
    • Guide your team and stakeholders to integrated end-to-end experiences.
    • Defeat messy, convoluted information with organized, simple designs.
    • Build empathy throughout the organization through compelling stories of the users.
    • Create the knowledge and tools to construct cohesive designs that scale.

    We’re on the precipice of a New Age of Design, where the user’s experience drives our organization’s competitive advantage. Your teams need the skills to deliver delightful designs that scale well, feel cohesive, and provide elegant simplicity. The time is right for you to master the skills that will drive change throughout your organization.

    At the User Interface 22 Conference, you’ll immerse yourself in full-day workshops that go deep into the techniques and practices, delivering the theory and expertise. UIE’s own Jared Spool curated eight master-grade workshops, each taught by renowned industry leaders. Roll up your sleeves, get down to work, and change the way you design forever.

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  • 2017 Nov 10

    UXPA Boston: Make Meaningful Work By Designing Successful Product Teams

    7:00pm to 9:00pm


    Mad*Pow, 179 Lincoln Street, 5th Floor, Ste. 501, Boston, MA 02111

    The psychiatrist Viktor Frankl famously described how the innate human quest for meaning is so strong that, even in terrible circumstances, people seek out their purpose in life. Today people feel stuck on projects that have little value or sometimes described as “bullshit work”. We all get lost in the noise, speed and deliverables of the day-to- day work that we forget about why we are working on a project in the first place. This results in feeling purposeless, stressed, unhealthy, and in a state of “sleepwalking.” What if we could design a project that encouraged people to thrive and relevant practices to help people do the work that matters? 

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    Note: This pre-workshop lecture is free and open to attendees who are, or are not attending the companion workshop. Attendees who participate in both events will receive the full experience, but lecture-only attendees will find value in the lecture as a stand-alone activity. If you are interested in both activities, make sure to sign up on this page for the Lecture, and a separate event page for the Workshop.

  • 2017 Nov 07

    Considering the Unintentional Consequence: Re-Imagining the Design Process

    6:30pm to 8:30pm


    Bentley University La Cava Center, Rm. 375, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA 02452

    Given the pervasiveness of technology in every aspect of our lives and society, it becomes increasingly critical that we consider a more complete range of outcomes for the products and services we create. When a design produces a negative outcome, designers have traditionally been quick to seek shelter under the umbrella of the “unintended consequence” defense. This talk will examine the unintentional consequences of design. Bill Gribbons will share a strategy for anticipating, eliminating, or mitigating the negative consequences of design and encourage UX researchers and designers to embrace this as part of our professional practice and responsibility.

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  • 2017 Oct 19

    UX at Bose: two presentations

    6:00pm to 8:30pm


    Bose Corporation – Corporate Center, 100 The Mountain Rd, Framingham, MA 01701

    The Fuzzy Front End: User Inspired Innovation by Debra Reich: A practical guide for anyone who is looking for an approach to new product development. This short talk outlines one proven process that some teams at Bose use when exploring new domains for a company.

    Mobile and Product Design by Polly Tandon: A case study on our SoundTouch music systems.  Join us to learn more about the designing for product and mobile experiences. Learn about the complexities and challenges of creating a unified user experience between mobile experiences and product design within an ecosystem of products.

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  • 2017 Oct 16

    The UX Careers Handbook: Finding Success in Your UX Career

    6:30pm to 8:30pm


    Mad*Pow, 179 Lincoln Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

    On the menu for Boston UXPA’s October event is Cory Lebson, who will serve up the delicious secrets to success in the UX job market. If you’re a job seeker, learn what it takes to succeed as a UX professional. Explore the multitude of career pathways available to you. Find out how you can frame yourself solidly as a UX-er through learning, personal branding and networking. And if you're an employer or recruiter, learn how you can craft your job descriptions to find experienced UX-ers instead of elusive unicorns.


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  • 2017 Oct 07

    a11ybos 2017 (The Boston Accessibility Conference)

    8:00am to 4:00pm


    IBM Watson Health Global Headquarters, 75 Binney St, Cambridge

    We are pleased to announce that this year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Chieko Asakawa from IBM Japan. Dr. Asakawa is heading to Washington, D.C. after her talk to be inducted into the National Academy of Engineering. Many thanks to our sponsor VisionAid for coordinating Dr. Asakawa’s visit with us!

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  • 2017 Sep 13

    UXPA Boston September Meeting: Testing Medical Devices – a hands-on experience

    6:30pm to 8:30pm


    Fieldwork Boston, 880 Winter Street, Suite 330, Waltham, MA 02451

    If you’re curious about user experience testing of medical devices, join GfK UX and Fieldwork Boston for a hands-on demonstration. GfK is a leader in both formative and validation testing of medical devices, partnering with market leaders to drive safe and effective use. At our testing facilities worldwide, including Fieldwork Boston, we recreate settings such as labs, ICU rooms, and pharmacies to run studies with targeted groups. We’ll include tips into what it takes to meet regulatory requirements.


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  • 2017 Aug 30

    UXPA Boston Movie Night 2017: "Urbanized"

    6:30pm to 9:00pm


    The Regent Theater, 7 Medford St., Arlington, MA 02474

    Join UXPA Boston for a FREE public showing of this documentary about the design of cities. Each attendee will receive admission, one small soda and one small popcorn for free! 

    “Urbanized is a feature-length documentary about the design of cities, which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers. Over half the world’s population now lives in an urban area, and 75% will call a city home by 2050. But while some cities are experiencing explosive growth, others are...

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  • 2017 Aug 16

    UXPA Webinar: UX-Led Content Strategy: Getting to the Core of Every Experience

    12:00pm to 1:00pm



    Content is a bigger part of UX than most realized. In fact, user satisfaction of any experience is determined by how well the content meets their needs and expectations. In this talk we’ll expand our understanding and definition of content. Spoiler, it’s not just about text on a page, and it’s not just relevant to the web, and it goes deeper than information architecture. 

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