UXPA Boston: Make Meaningful Work By Designing Successful Product Teams


Friday, November 10, 2017, 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Mad*Pow, 179 Lincoln Street, 5th Floor, Ste. 501, Boston, MA 02111

The psychiatrist Viktor Frankl famously described how the innate human quest for meaning is so strong that, even in terrible circumstances, people seek out their purpose in life. Today people feel stuck on projects that have little value or sometimes described as “bullshit work”. We all get lost in the noise, speed and deliverables of the day-to- day work that we forget about why we are working on a project in the first place. This results in feeling purposeless, stressed, unhealthy, and in a state of “sleepwalking.” What if we could design a project that encouraged people to thrive and relevant practices to help people do the work that matters? 

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Note: This pre-workshop lecture is free and open to attendees who are, or are not attending the companion workshop. Attendees who participate in both events will receive the full experience, but lecture-only attendees will find value in the lecture as a stand-alone activity. If you are interested in both activities, make sure to sign up on this page for the Lecture, and a separate event page for the Workshop.