Whoa! Did You See That? Collaborative Data Collection & Analysis for UX Research - Ladies That UX Boston


Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


ezCater 101 Arch Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA

Observing a user research interview or a usability test is like witnessing an accident; everyone sees it go down differently. One of the most important steps in research, and yet often skipped by a lot of firms, is conducting a thorough debrief with the observers after the study is complete. Research should not be performed while working in a vacuum. The data and feedback collected from end users are not complete without understanding the observers’ perspectives, which oftentimes is different from the moderator's. The process for running an observer debrief involves getting all the observers to attend a meeting where we review the notes for each test and document the observations and perceived implications. In this session, you will learn various methods for note-taking and running an observer debrief meeting. You will walk away better prepared to get the most out of your research!

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