Lila & Archie

Jess Carichner's dogs Lila (left) and Archie (right) in their new winter gear. They are not sure how they feel about it yet, but they will appreciate it soon. Not pictured are their matching snow boots. 


Laika McDougall
 Laika doing his best to keep Kim McDougall from working



Sharon-Lise Normand’s dog, Argos, getting some rest.


Stella Caudry

You may not know this, but Daryl Caudry’s office assistant, Stella, does all her collating!



Sarah Chambers' dog Cola taking in the view.



Castle Island Pup

Daryl Caudry often take walks at Castle Island near her home in South Boston. She came across this adorable situation recently. The owners said the dog tires easily, so they came up with a solution!


Ivanna Pena and her fiancé Antar added a new member to their family. Meet Señor!


Juniper under pillows

With Harvard Puppy School also working remotely, Juniper has been alternating between completely ignoring her mama, Lauren Jett, and causing a professional-grade ruckus. Juniper will graduate with a Bark-lor’s of Arts degree in Being a Good Girl if she completes her online classes this semester.

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Cynthia's dog Ryder soaking up the sun.