See: a draft webpage, a 2-minute video, or a copy of application (of the Ingenuity Awards track of the President’s Innovation Challenge) to give the brief introduction

The problems we are looking to solve are as follows.
1. Recent estimates show that world’s data has only achieved 22% of its analytical value.
2. A health care system is the organization of people, institutions, and resources that deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target populations. Yet even the world’s best health systems are fragmented. 
3. Data-rich profits can come from a number of sources — personal, private, or third-party — but each stakeholder may not share equitably in the profit return.
Marketing Value:
EHR/EmarketwatchMR (Electronic Health and Medical Record) Market Size will reach 120 Billion with Innovative Technologies by 2023. 



We are inspired to create an AI/deep learning powered platform for sharing data, profits, and economy, to help medical research.