Festival Questions


> When is the festival?  

Thursday May 6 and Friday May 7, 2021


> Who can attend?

HDS students, faculty, staff, and community. 


> What is the cost of entry? 

There is no cost to enter. 


> Can I recommend films for the festival?

Yes, we typically source HDS students for film selection list at the start of the semester. Refer to our contact page for methods to reach us to suggest the film you'd like to see.


Film Submission Q&A


> What are the requirements?

Our central requirement is that you shape a digital story through your unique lens. We encourage a variety of mediums and approaches to sharing your visual story, e.g. stop motion, photography, manually moving visual collages, TikTok voiceover.

It must relate to our theme for 2021 of social justice with a focus on ritual. 

Refer to HDS Student Handbook for concerns regarding content guidelines. 


> How long can my film be?  

5 seconds to 90 minutes


> I don’t know where to begin, where do I start? 

Access helpful filmmaking techniques here. These tips were recommended by Harvard's BOK Center Learning Lab's Smartphone Filmmaking Class on March 12, 2021.


> When do I need to express my intent to submit a film? 

March 1, 2021


> When do I need to submit my final film?  

April 26, 2021 


> How do I submit my final film?  

Send the link to your video file (e.g. youtube, vimeo, google drive) or the file itself to filmfest@hds.harvard.edu


> What video format can I submit? 

MOV, MP4, or AVI

Email us at filmfest@hds.harvard.edu if you have questions.


Film Fest Team


> How do I join the team and help plan the next festival?

You can join the film fest team at any time and we typically conduct calls for new team members at the start of each semester. Refer to our contact page for methods to express interest.