We acknowledge the people and entities outside of Harvard who collectively play an integral role in the creation of our film festival.

This year we are hosting a virtual festival that takes place online with the cooperation of many interconnected systems and services that take up physical space and have real world impacts. Sometimes those systems take up space on lands stolen from human and nonhuman animals. And sometimes on lands worked by stolen humans and nonhuman animals. 

We acknowledge our power and that our actions appear to condone and benefit from, and even perpetuate those systems of injustice and harm.

Most of our team members live on and work from stolen Indigenous lands, communities of peoples and nonhuman animal species whoses causes and injustices we have not yet taken on as our own. We paused to seek out t-shirt and popcorn vendors that practiced sustainability, but we did not stop to verify the ethics of our technology service providers, or consider their relationship to nonhuman animal and human torture and oppression, or ecosystem devestation. 

Here is where we intend to do better:

We will engage with companies with purpose, to consciously understand and deliberately accept the risks. We will aim to work with vendors who are measurably and financially demonstrably considerate of their local ecosystems.