The Film Fest takes place on May 6th and 7th.

The schedule for both days can be found below.

How to attend

Register in advance for this stream using this Zoom registration link. The two-day fest will be accessible at the same Zoom link for both days. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the stream.

10:00 AM ET


Centering on a sow named Gunda, this film gives intimate accompaniment to this pig, two cows, and a chicken compatriot. Director Viktor Kossakovsky invites viewers into the mystery of another’s existence.

Director Viktor Kosakovskiy

(93 mins)



12:15 PM ET

Gather posterGather

Focusing on Indigenous food sovereignty on Turtle Island/USA, Gather highlights a variety of Native Americans’ efforts at spiritual, political, and cultural reclamation across this land and its waterways.

Director Sanjay Rawal

(74 minutes)



2:00 PM ET

Walk All Night posterWalk All Night

Four young Black bucket drummers from Chicago, Demetrius, D’Quan, Dontay, and DaMonte, journey to Senegal to connect with their West African heritage through a music-centered pilgrimage.

Directors Kate Benzschawel and Mallory Sohmer 

(86 minutes)

4:00 PM ET


Who decides how “psychotic” symptoms are responded to, how they are received as calling, mental illness, opportunity for transformation, or broken brain? Phil Borges takes viewers through different cultures’ making sense of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Directors Phil Borges and Kevin Tomlinson

(82 minutes)

10:00 AM ET

Spaceship EarthSpaceship Earth

In 1991, eight visionaries signed on to a two-year experiment, living inside a contained ecosystem named Biosphere with clear intentions in the face of climate crisis. Including media coverage, concerns from within and surrounding, the footage showcases a very human attempt to imagine living differently.

Director Matt Wolf

(113 minutes)


12:30 PM ET

All InAll In: The Fight for Democracy

Prior to the 2020 presidential election, this film examines the existence of voter suppression in the United States. Highlighting Stacy Abrams, All In combines personal experiences and historical lessons to examine the laws and efforts impacting citizens’ suffrage.

Directors Lisa Cortes and Liz Garbus

(102 minutes)

2:45 PM ET

Elemental posterElemental

"Elemental" is a visual representation of an embodied turn towards the natural environment. Ecstatic hula-hooping dance and music-making act as ritual healing practices in relation with and response to the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire. Grounded in a course on Contemporary Magic(k), magical consciousness is embraced, bringing the elements in relation with body.

Director, Writer, and Editor: Kaitlin Wheeler. Videographers: Jake Northrup, Kaitlin Wheeler. Ecstatic Dancer: Shelby Northrup. Instrumentals: Jane Wheeler, Kaitlin Wheeler.

(8 mins)
Kaitlin (she/her) is a first year MTS student. She is an environmental artivist and devotes her studies to better understanding the connection between settler colonialism and land degradation. Kaitlin strives to spread awareness about the environment through the engagement with the arts, the body, Earth-based spirituality, and the subliminal aspects of human consciousness.

3:00 PM ET

Healer posterHealer

In the animation, “Healer,” actions reap vivid consequences, such as us becoming plastic bottles or dead fish in the poisoned ocean. In the midst of the destruction and violence, healers show the possibility of healing and accountability.

Director, Writer, and Editor: Maisie Luo

(2 mins)

Maisie (she/her) is a first year MTS student. Maisie's work explores the interdependence between living beings and earth. The sickness of the figures in Maisie's paintings reflects the consequences of people neglecting their relationships with other living beings on earth and thinking that they are the center of the world.

3:10 PM ET

Either Or posterEITHER OR

“EITHER OR” includes some questions about angels and the jinn and a physics lecture from a stuffed animal robot.

Writer and Director: Yaseen Hashmi. Videographer: Yousuf Hashmi

(6 mins)

Yaseen Hashmi (he/him) is a second year MDiv studying Islam and political theory. He is from San Diego, California.

3:35 PM ET

Losing Faith posterLosing Faith

The documentary “Losing Faith” looks at the Catholic Church closure crisis in Philadelphia, exploring what happens to a community when their church closes and what our responsibility is in preserving historic sacred spaces.

Writer and Director: Francesca Reznik. Edited and Storyboarded: Griffin Osbourne. Assistant Direction: Andres Fernandez and Virginia Rodowsky.

(39 mins)

Francesca Reznik (she/her) is a first year MTS student concentrating in Religion, Politics, and Ethics. She holds a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, where she created this documentary for her senior honors thesis.

4:20 PM ET

Lilies PosterLilies

“Lilies” is a queer love story set during 2020’s COVID lockdowns. In quarantine, the personal and political collide and comingle, forcing one woman to interrogate birth, becoming, class, femme health, and gay sufficiency.

Writer and Performer: Joni Renee Whitworth. Visuals and sound: Hannah Piper Burns.

(10 mins)

Joni (they/them) is a student at havard extension school, a poet, producer, and curator from rural Oregon. They served as the inaugural Artist in Residence at Portland Parks and Recreation, Poet in Residence for Oregon State University's Trillium Project, and 2020 Queer Hero for the Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest.

All In