Founded in 2017, the HDS Film Fest is an annual student-led festival that explores the intersection of film and faith.

These are the people that help make it possible:


Amy Greulich, MDiv '21

Amy will graduate with a Master of Divinity this May 2021. Her studies have focused on ministry broadly defined, centering community healing and radical love. By the time you are reading this, she is likely farming vegetables on Noepe / Martha's Vineyard (Wampanoag land), continuing to root here and learn a thing or two about caring for plants. Amy initially joined the Film Fest back in 2018, eager to show the film Dawnland, about the Maine Wabanaki State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which she interned for back in 2012. She’s excited to see the capacity for the HDS Film Fest grow, creating space for creatives and curious alike to share, shift, and act. Her favorite film as of late was Biggest Little Farm, shown via Harvard’s Climate of Unknowing Film Festival in 2019.

Prince Jenkins, MDiv '22


Prince's Master of Divinity degree concentrates on African traditions, specifically the izangoma and herd practices of the Zulu people. Prince intends to also study interspecies healing relationships to help reimagine farmed animal intimacies. Prince would like to see non-text-based discourse transform culture, particularly around decolonizing power, values, and ethics in corporate, educational, clergical, and political governance. If Prince had to watch visual stories back-to-back, the list would include films Return to Oz, Princess Mononoke, and behind the scenes of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy; television shows BBC 1985’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; the animated shows Invader Zim, the Avatar Last Airbender, and Adventure Time; and the musical film The Wiz. 

Maisie Luo, MTS '22

Maisie Luo is a Master of Theological Student at Harvard Divinity School. She is interested in Environmental and Animal Ethics, Buddhism, and ways of healings. She is also a multi-medium artist who explores the relationships between illnesses and healing through painting and videos. Maisie's goal with the HDS Film Fest is to help offer a space where HDS students can learn about each other's stories and the stories of people, animals, plants, and all forms of life in the world through films. She hopes that more people can get involved with making moving images, even with their smartphones, and use filmmaking to start paying more attention to their surroundings and communicate feelings and truth. After graduation, Maisie hopes to continue painting and doing healing work. She is unsure in what forms of healing work it will be, but all forms of healing might be interconnected. She enjoys watching Princess Mononoke, Supermarket Woman, Manakamana, and animated films by William Kentridge.

Leslie MacPherson, OMS

Leslie is the Department Administrator in the Office of Ministry Studies at Harvard Divinity School, a position she has held since 2004. While not an alum, she has taken courses at HDS before she began her position. Leslie has an MFA degree in Creative Writing from Emerson College and sees the world in terms of narrative and story. She has been in the lucky position of being able to shepherd the Film Fest students, each year for the past four years. She likes to be challenged by storytelling. One of the best examples of this is her love of the television show Lost, which was groundbreaking for its use of time over the course of show. The writing has to be good and the characters have to be real. For that reason, a favorite animated movie is Coco. Her favorite film – and the only one that can make her cry, no matter how many viewings – is Cinema Paradiso. A love-letter to cinema and life itself, the score from the movie is one that she can never hear too many times. 

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Amy Greulich, MDiv ‘21 
Jason Hoelzel, MDiv ‘20 
Charli Pence, MTS ‘20 
Bridget Power, MDiv ‘19 (documentarian) 
Lindsey Smith, MTS ‘20 (assisted) 


Amy Greulich, MDiv ‘21 
Charli Pence, MTS ‘20
Bridget Power, MDiv ‘19 (documentarian) 
Laura Ryan, MTS ‘20


Seth Castiglione, MTS ‘20
Rutdow Jiraprapasuke, MTS ‘18  (co-founder, documentarian) 
Bridget Power, MDiv ‘19 (co-founder, documentarian)

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Leslie MacPherson 
Katie Caponera and Office of Student Life
Nancy Birne 
Sheila Dennis 
Sydney Bayer

IT team: Dan Hawkins, Kama Lord, Naohito Miura
Bok Center team: Katie Gilligan, Casey Cann, Mike Oliveri 
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Dudley Rose and the Office of Ministry Studies 
Kerry Maloney and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life 
Lauren Kerby and the Religious Literacy Project 
Ann Braude and the Women’s Studies in Religion Program 
The Hemptons 
The Swartz Family 
Geralyn White Dreyfous 
Mario-Cader Frech, Dean’s Council, formerly of Viacom/CBS