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Welcome to The Graduate Journal of Harvard Divinity School. The journal is a peer-reviewed, student-run publication dedicated to featuring the best of graduate writing in the study of religion. 

In our Spring 2022 issue, we are pleased to present the following articles:

"We Are the Fruits We Bear With Each Other: Towards a Catholic Eco-Theology of Queerness, Fruitfulness, and Embodiment"
          Virginia Schilder, Harvard Divinity School

"Hyman Bloom's Hat: Jewish Art as Jewish Practice"
          Alex Baskin, Harvard Divinity School

"Smoking and Spoken: Volute Patterns as Aztec Cosmovision"
          Rebecca Mendoza Nunziato, Harvard Divinity School 

Review of "Devotion: Three Inquiries into Religion, Literature, and Political Imagination"
          Riley Spieler, Managing Editor

"Alternative Stories of Fulfilling Lives: An Interview with Brenna Moore on Spiritual Friendship, Sleuthing in the Archives, and the Affirming Alterity of History"
          Interview conducted by Laura Mucha and Madeleine Scott, Harvard Divinity School