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Welcome to The Graduate Journal of Harvard Divinity School. The journal is a peer-reviewed, student-run publication dedicated to featuring the best of graduate writing in the study of religion. 

In our Spring 2021 issue, we are pleased to present the following articles:

"Good Polygamist, Bad Polygamist: Secularism and the Limits of Religious Freedom in Utah's 2020 Decriminalization of Polygamy"
          Nicole Carroll, Yale Divinity School

"The Sacred Essence of Copal Incense: Ritual Survival from Postclassic Mesoamerica to Modern Chicanx Communities"
          Rebecca Mendoza Nunziato, Harvard Divinity School

"Gallina Sacra: Biopolitical Sovereignty at the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon"
          David Sievers, Union Theological Seminary

"The Postmodern Quest for Ethics at a Distance: Lyotard and Marion on Social Distancing and the Ethics of the Other"
          Shin Young Park, Graduate Theological Union

"Norman Vincent Peale, New Thought, and Disability: Popular Religious Psychology and the Theology of the Mind"
          Jon R. Mehlhaus, Union Theological Seminary

"The 'Secular' in Anglophone Scholarship on Premodern Islam"
          Aseel Azab-Osman, Brown University

"Interrogating White Masculinity: An Interview with Kristin Kobes Du Mez on Evangelical Networks, Political Power and Public Scholarship"
          Interview conducted by Margaret Hamm and Laura Mucha, Harvard Divinity School


the cover of the 2021 issue