COVID-19 Special Issue Submissions

In light of the complex, challenging, and difficult-to-manage realities and feelings many of us across the world find ourselves confronting, the Harvard Divinity School Graduate Journal of Religion has decided to pull together work that grapples with how we make meaning in the midst of a global pandemic. We invite submissions that reflect, in some way, on the relationship between spirituality, theology, religion and themes and topics most relevant to our current situation. Examples and ideas for submission include:

> Reflections on theology, the role of academia, the purpose of a divinity school/seminary in a pandemic
> Scholarly analysis of religious responses to pandemics
> Responses to articles about religion and COVID-19
> Thoughts about how a specific issue you care about is affected by the pandemic (climate change, healthcare, 
   housing crises, undocumented rights, etc.)
> Art and poetry
> Interviews

The call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30th 2020 at 7:00pm (EDT).

Submit online at:

Please send questions to