Week 1 (Introduction)

During the first week, students are introduced to RA work policies and policies regarding lab usage. They are also introduced to the Research Profile Form which was uniquely designed for our undergraduate scholars.

The Research Profile Form is a tool to guide our undergraduate scholars as they encounter various projects of the investigators who use the lab and to help them engage with those researchers in the lab setting. Filling out the form helps students apply what they learn (see Experimental Design, Read more about Week 1 (Introduction)

Week 4 (Research Methods & Experimental Design)

Our undergraduate scholars learn the basics of how to design and conduct experiments. The following topics are covered during this practicum:

1. Conceptual vs. Operational Variables
2. Independent Variable – Manipulation check
3. Dependent Variable – Floor/ceiling effects
4. Independent Groups Design - Randomization
5. Repeated Measures Design - Counterbalancing

Weeks 2 & 3 (Physio Boot Camp)

The second week of practicum is dedicated to basic training in acquiring and scoring physiological data. Our research scholars learn about electrocardiography (ECG) and electrodermal  activity (EDA), the two physiological measures most commonly used by the investigators at HDSL. Through hands-on training, they acquire various skills, including electrode hook-up, data acquisition using BioLab software, and data scoring.