Considering Starting a Health Footprint Label?

That's great! Here's a checklist:

  • Need ideas for a health footprint label?

We have a lot! Check them out here.

  • Do you have a good idea for a health footprint label?

Would this health footprint label focus on a major health risk factor or intervention for health? Is what you would like to assess reliably measurable with data that could become available to you? How can you make enough people care about this assessment? How can you make them care enough to alter consumption or investment practices to a degree that would worry and move companies?

  • Do you have the resources to start a good health footprint label?

How can you rope in excellent experts to help you assess company impact on health? How can you amass the budget to check on companies beyond what their self-reports claim? For interviewing affected communities? For processing data? For promulgating the results effectively? Does your health footprint label have a “business model” that would keep it free over time from undue influence by the companies you rate?