Course Overview

Go from healthcare problem to pitch deck in 12 short weekssmiling man writing on whiteboard

This course is held annually from late February through early May.

Harvard HealthTech leads the Anatomy of Innovation: The Biodesign Process course (NCrs5887) every spring. We welcome students across Harvard (MBA, Post doc, Phd, MD candidate, graduate level engineering program, design programs, etc.), and all staff, researchers, and care providers from our affilitated hospitals to join! Harvard Medical School students receive 1 credit for completing the course. 

In the course, which is predicated on the proven Biodesign innovation framework, we teach the design thinking method used to transform real healthcare challenges into business ideas that change medicine. We work from a curriculum that brings together medicine, technology, and entrepreneurship, augmented by inspiring talks from experts in health IT, intellectual property, medical devices, and medtech. 

In small teams, students will apply classroom lectures and practicals to a real-life unmet clinical challenge from a partner hospital, ultimately developing a real, competitively sound innovation to address it.