Who is eligible for the HealthTech Fellowship?

We are looking for individuals from healthcare, engineering, business, design, computer science, and other complementary disciplines. Applicants with a graduate degree and work experience and exceptional individuals with an undergrad degree are welcome to apply! The fellows who will excel in this program are creative, team oriented, and enjoy bringing their unique perspective to bear on a problem in the healthcare field. 

How many Harvard HealthTech Fellowships are available?

We will accept four fellows who will work together on one team. We plan to increase the number of teams in years to come. 

What are the job responsibilities?

During your 10-month fellowship your team will be required to meet various milestones aligned with the Biodesign framework. Everyone on the team is expected to contribute equally to the team project. The fellowship should be treated as a full-time job. You will be required to be available during normal working hours and may need to commit select evenings and weekends to the fellowship. However, we believe strongly in a work-life balance and you will be receiving sick and holiday time according to HMS policies during your 10-mos fellowship.

What is the expected outcome at the end of the 10 months?

The HealthTech Fellowship is focused on training individuals to understand the Biodesign framework so they can continue to innovate and transform healthcare throughout their careers. An important second outcome is the potential of creating a solution to an unment need that can be commercialized. We have structured the program to allow for and encourage company creation, although it is not a requirement for program completion. 

Is the Fellowship a full-time commitment?

The fellowship is a full-time commitment and you will not have time for another job. 

When does the Fellowship begin and end?

The fellowship begins in August 2021 and finishes at the end of May 2022. 

Do Fellows receive a salary & benefits?

Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of $5,200 plus benefits. They will receive Academic Associate appointments to accommodate for different background and years of experience. Please visit the following benefits links here and here for more information. Please note that we will be confirming benefits with finalists before their acceptance to the program. 

Is this a degree granting program?

No, while we call this a ‘fellowship’, individuals will be onboarded at HMS at the Academic Associate level. 

Who teaches the HealthTech Fellowship?

The curriculum of the fellowship begins with an intensive three-week bootcamp and then transitions into field work. The bootcamp will be taught by HMS faculty and industry mentors of various disciplines. During the fieldwork experience, fellows will have access to a team coach and other mentors from the Boston healthcare ecosystem.

Where will fellows conduct clinical observation?

The clinical observation will take place at one of Harvard Medical School's affiliated hospitals. We will announce the hospital in August along with the area of focus.

Who owns the IP for innovations developed at HealthTech?

Fellows will be full time academic associates of Harvard Medical School and conducting work at an affiliate hospital, therefore the medical school and the hospital will own the IP. Further details will be shared later with applicants. Our goal is to support a clear path to commercialization.  

When is the application deadline?

The deadline to submit an application is September 1, 2020 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. All material must be completed and submitted by this date, including references.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is not. 

Does HMS offer visa sponsorship for this position?

At this time, Harvard Medical School is not able to provide visa sponsorship for this position. TN visas are eligible since they do not require sponsorship. 

How do letters of recommendation work?

We ask for two professional references who can vouch for your qualifications, achievements, work ethic, ability to innovate, and skills. In our application portal, you will be asked to upload two references by inputting their contact information and clicking “Send Request.” This will email your reference provider immediately with a request to upload a letter of recommendation in the portal. 

The portal will show you the status of your references and allow you to resend the request if needed. Please note that both references must be received by the application deadline, so we recommend that you input your references as soon as possible and provide ample time for reference providers to complete their recommendations. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that letters of recommendation are submitted by the deadline. 

How will you assess applications and select finalists?

We have representatives from industry and healthcare to help assess each candidate. We value creativity, exceptional teamwork, and a spirit of innovation. We are also looking to build a very diverse team of four. Finalists will be asked to come to Harvard for an in person interview.

When will HMS reach out to invite applicants for interviews?

We will reach out to finalists in late-September for a final round of interviews.

When are the interviews?

All finalists are expected to attend the interview day, taking place in early- to mid-October. Please note that depending on COVID-19-related travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines, interviews may need to be virtual.

When will finalists be informed of acceptance?

Fellows will be notified of their acceptance by early November.