What to Expect

Fellowship timeline

This 10-month program is a full-speed-ahead immersion into the field of healthcare innovation.

Selected fellows spend their time working in teams for periods of needs finding, brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and implementation on their ideas, both through on-site observation at a clinical partner and on campus at Harvard Medical School. 

Fellows receive a stipend and coaching from mentors in the world of venture capital, business, and medicine. Still have questions? Explore our FAQs.

Timeline of Fellowship
During the clinical immersion, the fellows start to create a list of hundreds of unmet needs and validate those needs until they’ve identified one-two key problems to work on for the rest of the program. They then start to brainstorm concepts until they finally arrive at a commercially viable solution. The fellows are also given four weeks to take part in an externship opportunity before they ‘graduate’ in June. The curriculum includes intellectual property, product design, developing and testing multiple concepts, regulatory, current market solutions, problem interviews and needs statement, market fit, and moving your idea forward. Community events will also occur during the year.