Panel Information


Panel A: (De)constructing Nation: Gendered Bodies in the Making of Modern Korea

Discussant: Professor Carter Eckert (Harvard University)

Location: K262 Bowie-Vernon

Time: 3:30PM – 5:00PM

Ye Seul Byeon, University of Chicago, "Fallen Bodies, Moving Bodies: Itinerant Death in Colonial Korea"

Dayeon Jung, Seoul National University, “Feminine Bodies Locked in Colonial Korea”

Joo Kyung Lee, Columbia University, "Strange Intimacies: Reading for Migration and Prostitution in Kang Youngsook's Rina and O Chong-hui 'Chinatown'"

Kyooeun Jang, Harvard University, ““Flexible Ceilings: A Study on Gendered Labor in the Digital Creative Industries in South Korea”


Panel B: Urban Fabrics Unraveled

Discussant: Professor Nara Dillon (Harvard University)

Location: CGIS ROOM K107

Time: 3:30PM – 5:00PM

Yonghui Chen, Harvard University, "A Social Critique of Beijing Old City Historic Preservation since 1949"

Erin Yook, Harvard University, "Rice as Revolution: Frontiers of Resistance in the Mekong Delta"

Sulim Kim, Columbia University, "Ondol Socialism: the Defining Process of Socialist Life in North Korean Urban Spaces"


Panel C: Reimagining the boundary of novelistic styles in Pre-modern East Asia

Discussant: Professor Keith Vincent (Boston College)

Location: K252 Shklar Room

Time: 3:30PM – 5:00PM

Nina Farizova, Yale University, "Boundaries of Poetic Thought: Seijutsu Shincho Poems of Manyoshu"

Yuyao Cheng, National University of Singapore, "Weaving the Hagiographies into 'Immortal History': The Making and Publishing of Lidai Shenxian Tongjian in the Qing Dynasty"

Wenting Ji, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Combined Beauty: A Comparative Study on Two Pairs of Ideal Women in A Dream of Red Mansions and The Tale of Genji"


Panel D: Transmission and Displacement in Literature

Discussant: Professor Sarah Frederick (Boston University)

Location: CGIS South S020 Belfer Case Study Room

Time: 9:00AM – 10:30AM

Rebecca Choong Wilkins, Harvard University, "Sinophone Port Cities: Seducing Melaka in Peranakan Chinese literature"

Jade Heyman, University of Cambridge, "Yoshimoto Banana's Fictions: Investigating the Publishing Import of Contemporary Japanese Literature in the West"

Wenchu Zhu, Harvard University, "Carnival on the ‘Square’: Amateur Internet Literary Criticism in the Chinese Cyberspace”

Kate Costello, University of Oxford, "Can a Machine Translator Be a Surrealist? Hsia Yu's Pink Noise and the Poetics of Artificial Language"

Haruka Umetsu Cho, Harvard University, "Voices of War Trauma in Postwar Japan: Reading Hikaru Okuizumi’s The Stones Cry Out from the Perspective of Bodies, Religion, and Histories"


Panel E: Reframing Regionalism in East Asia

Discussant: Dr. Maria Adele Carrai (Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program)

Location: CGIS South S030 Doris and Ted Lee Gathering Room

Time: 9:00AM – 10:30AM

Yun Yu, University of Oxford, "Dispute or Cooperation? A Novel Way of Understanding China-Japan Territorial Dispute"

James Evans, Harvard University, "Blurring China's Borders: One Belt One Road as Extension of Domestic Control"

Diana Schnelle, Ruhr University Bochum, "The Asian Super Grid: New Impetus for Northeast Asian Regionalism?"

Hai Guo, University of Leeds, "Time, Repetition, and Trauma: Psychoanalytic Understanding of Time in International Relations and Nanking Massacre Debate as a Case Study"


Panel F: Art and Visual Culture in Context

Discussant: Professor Eugene Wang (Harvard University)

Location: CGIS South S040

Time: 9:00AM – 10:30AM

Maciej Kurzynski, Stanford University, "Aesthetics without Boundaries: The Thought of Gao Ertai"

Linlin Chen, Peking University, "Interaction between Painting and Literature in Chinese Art: The Case of 'The Red Cliff'"

Ki Chow, University of Texas at Austin, "On the Illustrations of Haishang hua Liezhuan"

Emmelle Korell, Free University Berlin, "Constructing the Other: Tibet Seen Through Chinese Travel Guidebooks"


Panel G: Traversing Boundaries in Education

Discussant: Dr. Si Chen (Harvard University)

Location: CGIS South S020 Belfer Case Study Room

Time: 10:45AM – 12:15PM

Kunisuke Hirano, University of Michigan, "Refusing the Mainstream: Strategizing for Uncertain Futures through Educational Choices in Contemporary Japan"

Sohn Bola, The University of Texas at Austin, "Ethnic Boundary: The Influence of Ethnic Stereotypes on Education in Multicultural Communities of South Korea"

Nathaniel Curran and Sulafa Zidani, University of South California, "Traversing Boundaries: How Korean and Chinese Students in the US Navigate National, Intra-Asian, and Cosmopolitan Identity"

Derrick Tu, York University, "Internationalization and Undergraduate Music Programs: Hearing Soundscapes of Chinese Identity in Hong Kong."


Panel H: Transnationalism in the Age of Empire

Discussant: Professor Franziska Seraphim (Boston College)

Location: CGIS South S030 Doris and Ted Lee Gathering Room

Time: 10:45AM – 12:15PM

Daniel Walden, Harvard University, "Finding the Music of a "Great Common Goal": Tanaka Shohei's Just-Intonation Instruments as Tools of Reciprocal Transnational Musical Exchange"

Peng Hai, Harvard University, "Imposing Nationalism on Diaspora Peoples: Korean Chinese in the Master Narrative of Chinese Nationalism"

Moxi Zhang, University of Hong Kong, "Medical Hong Kong under Japanese Occupation: An Alternative History of Hong Kong, 1941-1945"

Susan Paige Taylor, Harvard University, "Cataloging Korean Culture: The Space of Book Collecting in Colonial Seoul"

Jiani He, University of Cambridge, "Literacy in Which Language: The Origin of the Trilingual Policy towards the Jirim League (1901-1911)"


Panel I: Re-examining Boundaries in Chinese Politics in Xi Jinping's "New Era"

Discussant: Professor Xiang Zhou (Harvard University)

Location: CGIS South S020 Belfer Case Study Room

Time: 1:15PM – 2:45PM

Hanyu Zhao, Harvard University, "The Politics of Poverty Alleviation in Rural China: Xi Jinping's War on Poverty"

Yuan He and Nikita Markachev, University of Cambridge, "'Learning from Daqing': The Enduring Legacies of China's Petroleum Spirit"

Rebekka Aasnes Sagild, University of Oslo, "Deconstructing the Narrow Boundaries of Individual Political Inclusion – the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Contemporary PRC Politics"

Siv H. Oftedal, King's College London, "Chinese Communist Party Rhetoric of Continuity - Three Metaphors Bridging Political Boundaries"


Panel J: Global, Regional, and Local: Crossroads in Pre-modern East Asia

Discussant: Professor Eugenio Menegon (Boston University)

Location: CGIS South S030 Doris and Ted Lee Gathering Room

Time: 1:15PM – 2:45PM

Jonas Ruegg, Harvard University, "The Fluid Borders of Ryukyu: Yonaguni Island and Deep Histories of the East Taiwan Sea"

Yiyun Peng, Cornell University, "Indigo People: Production, Mobility and Migration in Highland Southeast China, 1500-1870"

Sangjae Lee, Harvard University, "Strategic Reconstitution: Hansongsunbo (1883-1884) and its Scholarly Articles"

Seung won Namgung, Seoul National University, "Old Soldiers in New Clothes: Korea's Local Militia Army in the First Half of the 17th Century"


Panel K: Media Across Boundaries

Discussant: Professor Daisy Du (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Harvard University Visiting Scholar)

Location: CGIS South S020 Belfer Case Study Room

Time: 3:00PM – 4:30PM

Yuxing Zhang, Columbia University, "Crystalizing Multifarious Power Discourses in Modern Prison: A Study of the Beijing No. 1 Prison as Technology"

Pin Li, Chinese University of Hong Kong, "Cinema Across Boundaries: He Feiguang and His Wartime Productions"

Panel L: (De)constructing Myths of Migration

Discussant: Professor Fanmei Wang (University of Science and Technology, Beijing; Fairbank Center Visiting Scholar)

Location: CGIS South S030 Doris and Ted Lee Gathering Room

Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Jingyu Mao, University of Edinburgh, "Performing Ethnicity at the Frontier of Interactive Service - Exploring Ethnic Minority Migrants' Work and Personal Lives in Southwestern China."

Lizhou Hao, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, "Blurring Boundaries: Religious Interaction of Jingpo/Kachin Ethnic Minority at the Border of China and Northern Myanmar"

Jonathan Yainishet, University of Göttingen, "Refocusing the Ethnic Lens: North Korean Migrants and Boundary Making in South Korea"

Sunai Naoko, Laval University, "Illegalization and Run-away Infrastructure: Remaining Chance and Reproduction of Exploitation for Vietnamese Migrant Workers in Japan


Panel M: Identity and Body Politics

Discussant: Professor Susan Greenhalgh (Harvard University)

Location: CGIS South S040

Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Zihao Lin, Freie Universität Berlin/Humboldt University of Berlin, "Constructing Deaf Imaginaries in Post-Socialist China: The Case of an Essay Contest (2016)"

Xuting Zhang, Columbia University, "Visualizing Disability: Japan's Paralympic Performance in Rio and its Aesthetics of the Alterity"

Mark Bookman, University of Pennsylvania, "On Modernity and Mobility: Fictional Fugusha and Idealized Impairment"

Shoan Yin Cheung, Cornell University, "Therapeutic Transformations and the New Care of the Body in Low-Growth Japan"

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