2020 Harvard Experimental Political Science Conference

April 23 - 24, 2020


Held virtually and hosted by Harvard University.

The Harvard Experiments Working Group will hold its fifth annual Harvard Experimental Political Science Graduate Student Conference on April 23 and 24, 2020. Graduate students invited from around the world will virtually present cutting-edge experimental research throughout both days of the conference. This conference is generously supported by the Institute for Quantitative Social ScienceWeatherhead Center for International Affairs, and the Center for American Political Studies.

If you are interested in participating, please email hewg.harvard@gmail.com.


Thursday, April 23


Opening Remarks


Picture of Dustin Tingley

Dustin Tingley, Professor of Government in the Government Department at Harvard University

Panel 1: State Building and Rebuilding


Picture of Anna WilkePicture of Manuel Moscoco RojasPicture of Sumitra BadrinathanPicture of Alexandra Hartman

Anna Wilke (Columbia University) - Encouraging Cooperation with the State: Experimental Evidence from South Africa
Manuel Moscoso Rojas (Brown University) - Restoring the Rule of Law After Civil War: A Field Experiment on Security and Justice Provision in Rural Colombia
Sumitra Badrinathan (University of Pennsylvania) - Educative Interventions to Combat Misinformation: Evidence From A Field Experiment in India
Discussant comments by Alexandra Hartman, Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Political Science and Public Policy at University College London
(Chaired by Olivia Woldemikael)

Panel 2: Methods and Methodological Innovation


Picture of Erin RossiterPicture of Korhan KocakPicture of Trevor IncertiPicture of Matthew Blackwell

Erin Rossiter (Washington University in St. Louis) - The Effect of Conversation with an Outparty Member on Outparty Affect
Korhan Kocak (Princeton University) - What Do We Learn about Voter Preferences from Conjoint Experiments?
Trevor Incerti (Yale University) - Corruption Information and Vote Share: A Meta-Analysis and Lessons for Experimental Design
Discussant comments by Matthew Blackwell, Associate Professor of Government at Harvard University
(Chaired by Reed Rasband)

Panel 3: Information, Misinformation, and Deception 1


Picture of Ahmed Ezzeldin MohammedPicture of Alessandro VechatioPicture of Georgiy SyunyaevPicture of Kevin Munger

Ahmed Ezzeldin Mohammed (Columbia University) - Trust Nobody: How Conspiracy Theories Can Distort Political Accountability
Alessandro Vecchiato (Stanford University) - Algorithmic News Feed, Personalization, and Democratic Outcomes: Evidence from a Patient-Preferred App Field Experiment in Italy
Georgiy Syunyaev (Columbia University) - Manipulation of Public Attribution of Responsibilities in Decentralized Autocracies
Discussant comments by Kevin Munger, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Social Data Analytics at Pennsylvania State University
(Chaired by Uma Ilavarasan)

Panel 4: International Security and Conflict


Picture of Andi ZhouPicture of Andrew William ReddiePicture of Nina ObermeierPicture of Rose McDermott

Andi Zhou (Harvard University) - Loss Aversion in Territorial Disputes: An Empirical Test
Andrew William Reddie (UC-Berkeley) - Evidence of the Unthinkable: Experimental Wargaming at the Nuclear Threshold
Nina Obermeier (Cornell University) - The (Il)legitimate Hegemon: Attitudes toward US leadership in Cold War West Germany
Discussant comments by Rose McDermott, David and Marianna Fisher University Professor of International Relations at Brown University
(Chaired by David Romney)



Friday, April 24


Panel 5: Identity and Intergroup Relations


Picture of Gabriel BorelliPicture of Sophie HillPicture of Yon Soo ParkPicture of Alexandra Guisinger

Gabriel Borelli (Princeton University) - Thinking Outside the Boxes: Blurring the Bounds of Group Membership
Sophie Hill (Harvard University) - Strategic Stereotypes: How Candidates Leverage Their Occupational Background during Campaigns
Yon Soo Park (Harvard University) - The Effect of Democratic Leadership in Inter-Group Contest Games
Discussant comments by Alexandra Guisinger, Associate Professor of Political Science at Temple University
(Chaired by Sun Young Park)

Panel 6: Inequality and Redistribution


Picture of Alice XuPicture of Carolyn BarnettPicture of Rehan JamilPicture of Ariel White

Alice Xu (Harvard University) - Segregation and the Spatial Externalities of Inequality: Understanding the Mechanisms of Segregation
Carolyn Barnett (Princeton University) - The Consequences of Gender Equality Reforms: Experimental Evidence from Morocco
Rehan Jamil (Brown University) - Poverty Targeted Cash Transfers & Attitudes Toward Redistributive Politics
Discussant comments by Ariel White, Assistant Professor of Political Science at MIT
(Chaired by Sun Young Park)

Panel 7: Information, Misinformation, and Deception 2


Picture of Kaylyn SchiffPicture of Noel FosterPicture of Sandra MorgensternPicture of Jennifer Pan

Kaylyn Schiff (Emory University) - The Liar’s Dividend: The Impact of Deepfakes and Fake News on Trust in Political Discourse
Noel Foster (Princeton University) - Polarization for Paralysis: How Authoritarian Regimes Weaponize Information to Shift Foreign Political Behaviors
Sandra Morgenstern (University of Konstanz) - Does credibility beat anxiety when influencing irregular migration? Evidence from a field experiment
Discussant comments by Jennifer Pan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University
(Chaired by Kevin Troy)

Panel 8: Mobilization


Picture of Aliz TothPicture of Tanushree GoyalPicture of Pia Raffler

Aliz Toth (Stanford University) - Who Becomes a Party Worker? An At-Scale Recruitment Experiment in India
Tanushree Goyal (University of Oxford) - How Women Mobilise Women into Politics: A Natural Experiment in India
Discussant comments by Pia Raffler, Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University
(Chaired by David Romney)




Harvard Experiments Working Group

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Faculty Sponsor

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