Thanks to generous support by various centers, HEWG provides small internal research grants to projects presented in the working group.

The workshop will welcome research in any stage, from the most nascent ideas to polished job market papers, but we encourage the presentation of designs and research protocols.  The goal is to make funding available after the submission of a viable research design as quickly as possible with a minimum of red tape. 


Application to grants are open to projects presented at the workshop, by workshop participants.  The workshop will be open to all graduate students in the Department of Government on an opt-in basis. At the beginning of the academic year, the coordinators will invite all graduate students in the Department of Government to the group, but joining during the year is also welcome. Participants who opt-in are strongly encouraged to participate at every occasion and provide feedback  to the presenter.

Research Grants

To support experimental research, the working group will manage a pool of research funding, to be distributed on a rolling basis to qualified projects by active HEWG participants. Interested members submit a funding proposal to the workshop coordinators. that outlines the question, design, and budget of their proposal.  The funding should have been workshopped in a previous HEWG session, incorporated feedback given at the session, and approved by the faculty sponsor and the IRB (if necessary).  Finally, the faculty sponsor of the workshop will review the application.

Workshop Logistics

We will meet 12 times throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. Participants are asked to read the circulated proposals beforehand thus there will be little to no time spent on actual presentations. Presenters will start each session with a brief outline and the types of feedback they are seeking; then participants (having read the paper beforehand)  provide feedback they have prepared for about 30 minutes.