Apply to be a Fellow

Applications are now open for 2021-2022 Equity & Inclusion Fellows


All current HGSE matriculated students, both full and part time are welcome to apply. This year, HGSE is accepting two different strands of EIF, each with the following requirements.

In-Person Fellows
Students who can attend in-person classes will join a larger cohort of Fellows who take part in the following:

  1. The Fall Semester, 4-credit course, The Equity and Inclusion Fellowship Leadership Practicum. The course meets twice a week, each time for 90 minutes.
  2. A site-based Fellowship with an EIF partner organization.
  3. A half-day retreat on Saturday, September 4.
  4. Four 90-minute sessions in the Spring semester.

Online Fellows
Students who will attend HGSE remotely can join a smaller cohort of Fellows who take part in the following:

  1. A position with the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (ODEIB) and the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to work on diversity, equity, and inclusion across Harvard schools.
  2. Enrollment in two courses to be selected from an EIF-approved list.
  3. Two three-hour learning sessions with faculty in the Fall.
  4. Four 90-minute sessions in the Spring semester.

Frequently Asked Questions:

         Q:    Do I need to have work experience in the DEI field to be accepted into the Fellowship?

         A:    We encourage applicants who have experience in the field, but this does not have to be exclusively in the DEI field. We welcome Fellows with experience in education, non-profit work, governments, for-profits and any other relevant sector.

         Q:    Do I need to have facilitation experience?

         A:    No. What matters is your willingness to want to learn about the complexities of DEI work from a systemic, inter-personal and personal lens. Facilitation is only one aspect of DEI work, and EIF emphasizes a systemic-approach that values the humanity and unique contributions of all people.

         Q:    What is covered in the course component of the Fellowship?

         A:    The Equity and Inclusion Fellowship Leadership Practicum emphasizes an inside-out and an outside-in approach to leadership development. Fellows will work on understanding both external and internal dynamics that impact DEI work. The uniqueness of the approach is in moving away from  an emphasis on guilt, blame, self-policing and conflict-avoidance toward galvanizing people to face the difficult challenges that systems produce as people try to achieve greater equity. We use the lenses of Adaptive Leadership, Emergent Strategy, Critical Pedagogy, Adult Development and Critical Theory, among others. The course is hands-on and centered on the needs and experiences of Fellows.

         Q:    How much work is involved in the site-based practicums?

         A:    We emphasize to partner organizations that they should not expect more than 5 hours of work per week from Fellows.



For more information on the program, or if you have any questions, please contact Anri Wheeler