Alumni Board

Sandhya Manohar


PhD Student in the Chemical Biology Program


Sandhya ManoharI am a third year PhD student in Randy King's lab in the Department of Cell Biology on the Longwood campus. Prior to coming to Harvard, I earned my undergraduate degree from New York University, where I studied math and molecular biology.  At NYU, I worked in Christine Vogel's lab, where I studied protein stability in yeast using quantitative mass spectrometry. Outside of the lab, I love teaching for the undergraduate organic chemistry courses, running around the Charles, and petting every dog I see.


Tamara Pico

Action Coordinator

PhD Student in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Program


Tamara PicoI am a graduate student in Earth & Planetary Sciences. My research focuses on understanding past sea level on glacial timescales. I am from Santa Cruz, California. I graduated from Princeton University in 2014, majoring in Chemistry with a focus on Material Science. Here I am exploring the past glacial lake Hitchcock in western Massachusetts!


Jessica Sagers

Professional Development Chair

PhD Student in the Speech and Hearing Biosciences and Technology Program


Jessica SagersI am a fourth-year PhD student performing my dissertation research in the laboratory of Konstantina Stankovic at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. I work to identify translational solutions for genetic forms of sensorineural hearing loss. Currently, my project involves the identification and validation of drug therapies to be used in neurofibromatosis type 2, a devastating disorder with no FDA-approved therapy. I grew up in Provo, Utah and love to ski, hike, and read. I write in my spare time and hope to publish a novel at some point in the future.


Anna Waldeck

Mentoring Program Co-Chair

PhD Student in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Program


AnnaI am a fourth-year graduate student in Earth and Planetary Sciences, and I study the changes in the atmospheric composition on Earth over millions of years. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and majored in chemistry at the University of Chicago for undergrad. Outside of the lab, I am passionate about food, sustainability, and mental health.