GSAS Fellowships Office


Location: Byerly Hall, 2nd Floor, Radcliffe Campus, Cambridge

The Fellowships Office provides a range of services to assist graduate students in their search for fellowship funding, as well as dealing with many issues related to professional development. The Office also administers the major GSAS fellowship competitions, working closely with the staff of the Financial Aid Office in the implementation of fellowship awards.

Director: Cynthia Verba, PhD
Email: cverba@fas.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-495-1814

GSAS Fellowship Director, Cynthia Verba, has been focusing her attention on graduate students for over twenty-five years of employment at Harvard, assisting students on a range of issues related to enhancing professional development and fellowship opportunities. She herself continues to be engaged in many of the scholarly activities covered in her students counseling. She holds a PhD in musicology from the University of Chicago and has published a number of works on musical thought during the French Enlightenment; she also teaches two courses a year in music history in the Harvard Extension School. She is currently writing a book tentatively titled "Between Reason and Feeling: Gender in the Musical Tragedies of Jean-Philippe Rameau." Her services for graduate students include individual counseling, group workshops or seminars, and publications on fellowships and professional development. She helped to launch the GSAS Women's Group over a decade ago, and has worked closely with that group on women's issues across all fields.

Individual Counseling

Fellowships Director, Cynthia Verba, offers individual counseling as the centerpiece of fellowship and professional development services. Fellowship advice includes: feedback on drafts of fellowship proposals, strategies for clearly articulating the significance of the fellowship project, identifying appropriate fellowship opportunities, and getting effective letters of recommendation and faculty advice. Professional development advice deals with the following issues: defining goals at the various stages of the doctoral program and finishing the dissertation in a timely fashion, delivering papers at professional meetings, and submitting articles to journals or book manuscripts to publishers. For an appointment, phone 617-495-1814. Note: this service is available only to students and alumni/ae of Harvard's GSAS.

GSAS Fellowship Publications

The following fellowship publications are available free of charge to all GSAS students. Some are available online; or, you may pick up a paper version of any of the items listed below in the Byerly Hall Dean's Office, 2nd floor.

Scholarly Pursuits: A Guide to Professional Development During the Graduate Years includes:

  • Samples of winning fellowship proposals, including examples of pre-dissertation and dissertation proposals
  • Samples of fellowship biographical essays
  • A discussion of the student/faculty advising relationship
  • A discussion of setting goals at the various stages of the doctoral program and proceeding through the program in a timely fashion
  • a chapter on publishing work
  • Samples of curriculum vitas, resumes, and cover letters
  • A discussion of the minority experience in the doctoral program
  • a discussion of combining personal life and professional life

The Graduate Guide to Grants

This annual publication presents a comprehensive list of fellowships and grants for graduate students, in addition to providing updated information on an ongoing basis, assists in identifying fellowship opportunities based on citizenship requirements, stage of graduate study, research abroad, fellowship deadlines organized by month, and many other criteria. To access the Guide, you will need your Harvard PIN and ID.

The Harvard Guide to Postdoctoral Fellowships

This is also an annual publication, and is now available online, no PIN or Harvard ID required.

Fellowships for Harvard GSAS Students

This is an annual publication that includes descriptions and applications for some of the major GSAS fellowship competitions.

Some fellowships and scholarships that are likely to be of interest to WISE are listed on the Fellowships/Prizes page on the HGWISE website.