We are ORIGIN: MentORIng Girls in INdia


Since August 2020, HGWISE has been working closely with Learn with Leaders, an India-based educational organization, to get young girls in India excited about science and engineering.

In collaboration with Learn with Leaders, we aim to inspire 50,000 girls in 5 years to pursue careers in STEM-related fields. We have already served over 400 girls in grades 6th through 12th from more than 10 countries.

In the workshops we host throughout the year, we openly discuss some of the issues related to being a woman in STEM, share our own personal and scientific journeys, and offer some resources to continue pursuing their interests in STEM.

Join us in this ambitious endeavor!
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Mentorship Events


We primarily host two types of events:
  1. Monthly focus groups
  2. Summer research workshop
MONTHLY FOCUS GROUPS occur once per month on a Saturday (8:45am-11:00am), and the exact date depends on the availability of mentors. The hope is to engage 30-50 high school girls across the world in topics related to "What it means to be in STEM" and "How to pursue a STEM career."
The general structure is
  1. Introductions of mentors and participants
  2. STEM-focused BINGO game
  3. Rotation through 3 breakout rooms (20 min each)
  4. Optional Q&A to mentors
Each mentor's minimum commitment is ~3 hours on a Saturday. You may spend an additional hour to prep if you have never led your assigned breakout room before (or if your breakout topic is new)! 
Learn more about monthly focus groups on Learn with Leader's website!


SUMMER RESEARCH WORKSHOPS occur over two consecutive weekends in mid-August, during which we connect 30-40 high school girls with researchers from industry and academia. Our goal is to empower them to formulate their own research questions under the mentorship of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from Harvard and MIT.
The general structure consists of
  1. Collaborative work sessions with mentors to ideate and propose a research project that they can pursue.
  2. Short talks and panel discussions with researchers in academia and industry centered around their journeys into STEM 
  3. Panels with academic counselors in the US and India
  4. Student presentations
  5. Students' award ceremony
Each mentor's minimum commitment is ~6 hours throughout the entire two-weekend event. You may spend more time with your mentees if desired! 
Learn more about summer research workshops on Learn with Leader's website!

Upcoming Events


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