Parking & Maps

University Parking


Go to the Daily Parking Permit Purchasing site.

Log in as a Visitor, create a log in and password if this is the first time.

If this is the first time logging in, you will need to indicate that you are affiliated with HDS, the department code is 1002.

To purchase a permit, select the parking lot on the home page, on the next page, enter the license plate number and state, and the date(s) for the permits. Permits can only be purchased less than 2 weeks ahead through the online system.

Use RENTAL as the license plate number for rental cars.

Payment can be made through Pay Pal.

Once purchased, you will be able to print or save a PDF of the permit.

The permit needs to be displayed on the dashboard of the parked car.

The closest available parking garage is located at 52 Oxford Street. For a map of parking facilities, click here.

Parking permits cost $17.00 per day (there is no hourly parking rate), and $9 after 5pm and on the weekend. (Costs are current as of FY2016.)

Visit the Parking website for more information about yearly, or other longer term parking permits. The parking office is located at the Smith Campus Center, 8th floor, 617-496-7827.

For more information, please contact Operations.


Other Options

There are also public garages in Harvard Square: 

  • Trinity Property's Harvard Square Parking Garage at 65 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Propark's Church Street Garage at 41 Church Street, Cambridge MA 02138
  • Propark's Smith Center (formerly Holyoke Center) Garage at 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02138.


To download a PDF map of HARVARD DIVINITY SCHOOL, click on the image below:



To download a PDF map of the MBTA transit system, click on the image below: