2010-2011 Workshop on the Political Economy of Modern Capitalism

The course consists of two parts.  First, students will be expected to attend our bi-weekly meetings.  A number of those meetings are reading sessions:  we will discuss important contributions, both classic and contemporary, to the study of capitalism.  The remaining sessions will be the meetings of the "Workshop on the Political Economy of Modern Captialism," where scholars interested in themes of political economy will present their works-in-progress. Active participation in these discussions is required, as is reading the main paper to be discussed and any background readings for these sessions. Students are also required to draft a one page document mapping out possible questions for discussion, to be submitted by email the night before the meeting. Students might also be asked to comment on another scholar’s work.

Second, students are expected to complete an article-length piece of writing, based on original research and related to the theme of the course. To help guide such research, the instructors will meet periodically with students who are taking the course for credit.  A proposal and draft will be due at various points in the semester, as described in the syllabus. 



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