See how we roll: enduring exile between desert and urban Australia


Hinkson, Melinda. See how we roll: enduring exile between desert and urban Australia. Global insecurities. Durham: Duke University Press, 2021.


"In See How We Roll Melinda Hinkson follows the experiences of Nungarrayi, a Warlpiri woman from the central Australian desert, as she struggles to establish a new life for herself in the city of Adelaide. Banished from her hometown, on the urban streets Nungarrayi energetically navigates promises of transformation as well as sedimented racialized expectations. Drawing on a decades-long friendship, Hinkson explores these circumstances through Nungarrayi's relationships: those between her country and kin that sustain and confound life beyond the desert, those that regulate her marginalized citizenship, as well as the new friendships called out by displacement and metropolitan life. An intimate ethnography, See How We Roll provides great insight into the enduring violence of the settler colonial state while illuminating the efforts of Indigenous people to create lives of dignity and shared purpose in the face of turbulence, grief and tightening governmental controls"–