Launching in 2020!

The Biodesign Fellowship at Harvard will build multidisciplinary teams and connect them with a clinical partner, allowing the fellows to deeply immerse themselves in a period of clinical observation. The process starts with problem identification and ends with a viable business opportunity. The key differentiator of this program is the time spent in a clinical setting framing the right problem to solve.  

our vision
Individuals forming the team may be recruited nationally and any one team should include a healthcare practitioner, an engineer, a business person, and an expert in either design, computer science or another complimentary discipline. Over a one-year period, teams will complete an intensive needs assessment and solutions finding process. Faculty will supplement the clinical immersion experience with curriculum around entrepreneurship and coaches will work closely with teams to help move them forward. While the main goal of the program is to be educational, a common byproduct of the existing program is spin-off companies. The Stanford Byers Biodesign trainees have spun off 45+ companies to date, spanning medical devices to digital health and raising over $700 million.

a year in the program

Outcome of the fellowship:

  • Number of patients or end users helped by fellowship teams
  • Career trajectories of fellows
  • New research collaboration
  • Collaborative grants among the schools
  • Number of companies spun out of the fellowship. Defined by the ability of a team to raise outside funding.
  • More products or services spun out in the community

Committed Coaches, Mentors and Speakers

  • Lauren Baker, Boston Biomedical
  • Leon Amariglio, Lexington Medical
  • Paul LaViolette, SV Health 
  • Roger Kitterman, Partners Innovation Fund 
  • Peter Stebbins, J&J Innovation 
  • Chris Coburn, Partners Healthcare 
  • Roopom Banerjee, Raindance 
  • Randy Barko, Ximedica 
  • Sangeeta Bhatia, MIT 
  • David Walt, Brigham & Women’s 
  • Andy Levine, Conformal 

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