Mission Statement

The Harvard Student Human Rights Collaborative (HSHRC) is comprised of students and clinical faculty who firmly believe that health is a human right, and that protecting human rights is integral to health. HSHRC’s principal aim is to use medicine as a platform to raise awareness about human rights violations and advocate on behalf of vulnerable and persecuted peoples. The HSHRC Asylum Clinic seeks to fulfill this aim by providing pro bono medical and psychological forensics evaluations to victims of abuse and torture seeking asylum in the United States.

HSHRC’s mission rests upon three central tenets: education, service, and connection to care. To educate the community, HSHRC hosts discussion panels and forums throughout the year which call attention to and facilitate conversation about issues pertaining to human rights. To serve asylum-seekers, HSHRC connects attorneys and their clients with experienced physician evaluators, who collaborate with students to provide expert medical testimonials for asylum-seekers. Finally, in recognition that asylum-seekers face issues beyond their legal status as they resettle, HSHRC provides asylum-seekers with assistance in accessing healthcare and related resources.

Taken together, HSHRC seeks to be a vanguard for health and human rights through education, service, and connection to care. Founded by a diverse group of peoples for a diverse group of peoples, HSHRC proudly pledges its support to victims of abuse and trauma around the globe.