Request an Evaluation

All requests for evaluations with HSHRC must be made through our partner organization, Physicians for Human Rights, by completing the forensic evaluation request form available on the Physicians for Human Rights website. On the top of the form and in the "Details of the Case" box, indicate in capital letters that you would like for your client to be seen by Harvard Student Human Rights Collaborative.

About Our Evaluations:

All evaluations will be conducted by a licensed clinician who is affiliated with the PHR Asylum Network. Once we accept a request, the client will be matched with one of our evaluators, and we will coordinate a time and place for the evaluation. After the evaluation, our evaluator will draft an affidavit that documents the evaluation for use in court.


We will do our best to accommodate your request as fast as possible. However, it can take up to four months from the time the initial application is submitted to the time the final medical affidavit is complete. Please allow plenty of time to ensure that this process runs smoothly. In the event that we are unable to take the case, PHR may be able to assign it to another physician within their network.