• 2018-2019 HRKC Team

    HRKC 2018-2019 Team


Welcome to the Harvard-Radcliffe Kendo Club (HRKC)!


The Harvard-Radcliffe Kendo Club (HRKC) is dedicated to the practice, study, and promotion of the Japanese art of kendo. We are one of the oldest collegiate kendo clubs in North America. Throughout the year we practice several times a week in the Malkin Athletic Center, attend several tournaments, and host Shoryuhai, our own tournament which is also the largest intercollegiate kendo tournament in North America. 

We always welcome and encourage new members from the Harvard community! No prior experience in martial arts is necessary! Almost all of our current members never studied a martial art before joining the HRKC. If you have any questions about joining the HRKC, please feel free to email us here or fill out the registration form here

Why did I join Kendo? Hear from our 2017-18 Captain, Courtney Okwara'18

I chose kendo because I wanted the chance to try a sport that was completely different from anything I had done before. Throughout middle and high school I did volleyball, field hockey, basketball, and track and field. So kendo was my chance to branch out. I had also seen it once on TV and found it pretty exciting; so I thought “why not?”

However, I think I stayed with kendo not just because I liked the sport, but because I became very close to several people in the club. I had a couple friends in my year and the year above me who made me really happy and gave me a lot of joy. I also had really good upperclassmen who looked out for me, took care of me, and made me comfortable. Our team, too, was generally a funny group; our socials were always pretty hilarious with someone always being outlandish in some way or another. Overall, I found kendo to be a space where I could laugh and be more ridiculous than in other spaces on campus. And I appreciated it.

So if you’re looking for a fun sport and a quirky yet warm community, I would recommend signing up!

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