A BRIEF HISTORY of Shoryuhai 


In April 1997, several Northeast-region college students came together at Harvard for an informal good-will kendo tournament. The tournament was sparsely attended - totaling not more than 15 competitors. The following year, attendance increased three-fold, including teams from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, McGill University, the University of Connecticut and the University of Waterloo in Canada. The sudden growth in attendance indicated that there was a void being filled by the Harvard-Radcliffe Kendo Club's tournament... 


The Shoryuhai Intercollegiate Kendo Tournament was thus founded in 1997 with the intention of bringing together the collegiate kendo community in North America. Since its inception 23 years ago, the Shoryuhai has grown into a tournament with international renown, respect and participation. Every April, teams from all over North America and Europe arrive in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to compete for the coveted title of Shoryuhai Champion. 


The fundamental purpose of the Shoryuhai Intercollegiate Kendo Tournament is to promote kendo at the collegiate level. To this end, the Shoryuhai team competition is open only to undergraduates from accredited colleges and universities in North America and Europe. While many members of the overall kendo community begin practicing kendo at an early age, most members of North American or European collegiate kendo clubs begin studying kendo only after being exposed to it in college. Because of this relatively even level of experience, collegiate kendo teams are perfectly matched for each other, more so than in many other sports where players potentially have years of prior experience. The Shoryuhai is currently the largest and most well-known intercollegiate kendo tournament in the United States.