The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) is pleased to convene the Humanitarian Student Association, which connects university-wide student groups & individuals interested in humanitarian events + opportunities at Harvard University.

We aim to connect student groups as part of Harvard's humanitarian community, and serve students interested in learning more about current humanitarian topics and career paths through our events and network.

Covid-19 Update: Harvard University has moved to online activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will reconvene HumSA when students are back on campus. 

What does "humanitarian" mean?
"Humanitarian" in this context means related to humanitarian response in conflict, disaster, or complex emergencies. Humanitarian responses and the environments in which they occur are complex, and overlap with many large fields (eg. global health, medicine, urban planning, engineering, gender studies, or military operations). Talks and events for students will feature a variety of experts and their specialties as relate to the field.

How HumSA works


HumSA, overseen by HHI, is focused on 1| connecting humanitarian-related student groups + working together to create 2| events for the student body.
We welcome all humanitarian-minded undergraduate + graduate students to sign up for 3| our university email list's biweekly digest of our on-campus events and more!

We also aim to connect students to resources and opportunities related to the humanitarian space.