Save Ukraine Now

Please join us for the event The Crisis in Ukraine: Democracy and Allyship Tested (link in the document)




On the early morning of February 24, our families and friends in Ukraine woke up to the sounds of Russian bombings disturbing the usually peaceful sky over our country. Our loved ones are currently in bomb shelters or on the front lines, living every moment of their lives as if it may be their last. Every day, we are not sure we will ever hear their voice again. We watch the videos of our destroyed cities and realize that we might never be able to go back home. And even if we do, it will never be the same.


As we are observing the uprecedented courage, spirit, and sacrifice made by the Ukrainian people, we should remember that we, too, can make a difference. Please, do not be a bystander: act against this war of obliteration before it is too late.

The Harvard Ukrainian Student Association (HUSA) was established to foster collaboration among Ukrainian students and their allies across the twelve Harvard Schools. With the war in Ukraine, HUSA’s mission has broadened to include current social and humanitarian issues. We aim to help the people of Ukraine through various fundraising initiatives to secure vital medical and humanitarian aid.


Please consider donating to our fundraiser, our Venmo handle - @husa2022.


We are delighted to participate at this year’s Mayfair (Sun, May 15th) in Cambridge, MA. Please stop by our tent to make a difference! If you would like to learn more or get involved, please reach out to HUSA Co-Presidents Diana Lysenko ( or Nika Rudenko (