Real Ways You Can Help Ukraine

We are the Harvard Ukrainian Student Organization, working to raise awareness and funds to help the people of Ukraine.

1. Donate to the fundraiser organized by Harvard students

We are raising funds to send humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. We are purchasing medical supplies and shipping them directly to Ukraine. Read more about the fudraiser here. Donate to our fundraiser via this venmo.

2. Receive updates from us

Keep up with our events, meetings, and updates by signing up for our mailing lists and following us on Instagram.

    3. Learn how other universities have supported their students

    Princeton has launched a centralized response and awareness campaign, Princeton's president has released an open statement to the entire community committing to support Ukrainian students and scholars.

    University of Chicago has allocated scholarships and increased financial aid for students and scholars affected by the war.

    Yale has fully divested from Russian companies.

    4. Other Resources and Ways to Help


    5. Read and sign these petitions to support the students affected by the war

    Harvard has not yet provided adequate support for Ukrainian students affected by the war. We have created the following petitions calling for action:


    • The first  calls on President Bacow to make a public statement on behalf of Harvard explicitly condemning Russia’s invasion.


    • The second  provides a list of actions that Harvard should take to support the students and scholars who are affected by the war, along with the explanations on why these items are necessary.

    6. Resources for Ukrainians: